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                  Aviation decorative cloth

                  Fire-barrier layer series fabrics

                  Worsted woollen piece

                  Pre-oxidized silk fabric

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                  As an individual proprietorship, TAIZHOU RUNCHEN WOOL TEXTILE CO.,LTD. is mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacture and sales of textiles. Equipped with 5,000 worsted spinning spindles and two production lines of spinning, weaving, large jacquard and finishing, we are an exclusive production enterprise of China for aviation carbon fiber fabrics, Pre-oxidized fiber fabrics and related blended fabrics. With such features as non-toxicity during burning, non-fuming and non-molten-drop, our products now are mainly used for aero seats, forest fire prevention and air filtration. Because of taking UK non-phosphorus flame retardants as main ingredients, our all wool aviation fabric decorative cloths own permanent flame retardance and are in accordance with the standard of CCAR853?; therefore, we successfully become the designated supplier of China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Eastern Airlines and STAECO for aero seat fire-barrier fabrics and all wool decorative cloths.

                  Main products include:
                  All wool flame retardant decorative cloth for aero seats.
                  All specifications of fire-barrier fabrics for aero seats.
                  All wool flame retardant yarns, fabrics, flame retardant acrylic fabrics.
                  Pure Pre-oxidized fiber yarns, cloths. Blend fabrics of Aramid/Pre-oxidized fiber/wool.
                  Worsted woollen piece, uniform fabrics.

                  Implementing modern enterprise system, and with the corporate spirit of "High Quality, Pioneering, Cooperation, Pioneering", we assure quality products with leading equipments, and keep promoting "Runchen" brand with perfect after-sale services, outstanding business credit and R & D of new products.

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